Subject: Re: Los Angeles Public Transport
Hi Megan,

I agree with Elena. LA transit seems designed mostly for commuters, and in Orange County (Anaheim) it's particularly weak. I put together a public transit trip for my teenaged son using online tools (for example, see; Orange County transit is and it took him hours to get anywhere. (I just did a quick check using the mta site--looks as though it's about 2 and 1/2 hours from Anaheim to LA). And the likelihood is that you'd have to transfer a few times to get to your destination.

We travel to LA by car about once a year. Of course we have to go to Disneyland, so we get that out of the way, then leave Anaheim for wherever else we're going (friends at the beach, tar pits, etc). We haven't yet been to Universal--kids want to go, but can't deal with it after the stint at D'land.

By the way--I've stayed at many places in the Anaheim area--including the Disneyand Hotel--but for the last few years we've used the Residence Inn ( ). Free shuttle to Disneyland (you could walk, but it's a hike), good-sized suites, very reasonably priced, all the amenities, and enough room for 2 adults, 4 kids, and a dog.

You could do without a car during the Anaheim segment of your trip...but the food near Disneyland tends to be so wretched that it's nice to have a means of escaping to a decent restaurant.

JoAnne (a mere 367 miles north of the happiest place on earth)