Subject: Los Angeles Public Transport
Ciao Megan!

> If I was to stay in Anaheim, is it possible to travel into other parts of LA on
> public transport. For example to go into the Manns Chinese Theatre area,
> or into Universal Studios. Or into areas with shopping malls perhaps?

Moving around LA by public transportation can be hard, and Americans will easily tell you that it's impossible. Instead it is possible! I did it!

From Anaheim there is a Greyhound bus going to downtown LA (4th street), and from there a local bus goes to Hollywood (sorry, don't remember the number). Another local bus goes to the Beverly Hills - Westwood area, where you can change with number 2 (at least I remember this number!) that goes to Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

Even if most of Californians don't know about it, LA has a nice subway... you can move around different areas, go to the airport and to Long Beach. From the airport there's also a bus going to the beach communities of Manhattan, Redondo and Hermosa, for me the coolest!

For more informations, there's an office of the transportation company right in the canter, but I can't find the address (it was somewhere between 4th and 5th street, in the financial district). There's a phone number though: 800-266-6883. That is the only place where they really help you, since people don't know anything (they never use public transportation), and police officers will never help you (someone told me you'll have to pay them to get an answer.... well you can imagine the right comment, I don't wanna swear on the list!). Maybe a good idea could be asking to some immigrant: they use the buses and might be able to help you.

A last advice: don't stay only in LA; California is a beautiful state and has much more to offer than this tourist trap!

Flavio in Rome