Subject: RE:Jetlag
Ciao, Ziners!

Just back from a grand trip to Italy. I looked for chalked Z marks on trees, but spotted none. That may be due to the nature of our trip, which was hiking &retracing pilgrimmage trails between Florence &Assisi. More on that soon.

But, as I hit the ground running yesterday, it ocurred to me that jet lag is just not a problem for me &I'm not sure exactly why. I know we've discussed it at length previously, but does anyone have an idea about why some folks are more affected than others? I know we all have our little tricks: lots of water, changing hours of ingesting caffeine, etc., but what's the underlying deal? My diurnal/nocturnal clock is easily set: dark = sleep, light = play &I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Is that it?

Just wondering, Gail In Eugene but never for long