Subject: RE: RE:Jetlag
Hi Gail,

James has a business associate that traveled the world on business with very little time in-between trips. He would go to Stockholm for 3 or 4 days, return home on Long Island, leaving in a couple days to the Orient. Then he would be back home a couple days and go to Australia. He NEVER had a problem with jetlag. He said the same as you: dark = sleep; daylight = awake. He would sleep on the plane and never skip a beat. All we could say to him was SHUT UP! James and I both suffer miserably with it - no matter what tricks we use. We try to get into the swing of things according to the time zone we are in. Shoot - we are affected by just the switch from/to daylight savings time twice a year! If anyone has some sort of trick that works, please share it with those of us that are not unaffected. Thankfully I am living in Arizona now where DST is not employed. At least we will have the same time year round. Maybe we are just too easily led by the clock...? ;-)

Sara Wetegrove Tucson, Arizona (the fire in Coronado Nat'l Forest is under control now, THANK G_D!)