Subject: Shopping story or why I love Italy
Hi Carol,

I loved your shopping story. Since I shop a lot, I can relate. But I do have a favorite shopping story too. Many years ago I was in Rome. I had been in Greece for a couple of weeks, and I had a couple of weeks to go before heading home. Since I didn't need my Greece guide books and beach wear, I decided to mail it all home in a large manila envelop - to make room for all the stuff I was shopping for. Needing to buy an envelop, I finally found the right kind of store in a very untouristy neighborhood and so the tale begins.

My Italian was rudimentary at best and the word for envelop was not yet in my vocabulary. The lady in the store spoke not a word of English. I tried to explain that I wanted to mail books and clothes, but as I later realized, I was telling her something rather different. She was puzzled, but allowed me to look at her shelves until I found an envelop. Then we went on with larger and smaller until I finally found just the right envelop. I was quite pleased to find it and she was equally pleased, I assumed, to be done with a rather difficult customer. It cost 500 lire at the time, which was around twenty-five cents. As I left the store, showering my best grazie, grazie on her, she came around the counter to give me a big hug and a kiss on each cheek.

And that's why I love Italy. Callie in New Orleans