Subject: Re: Toronto
Greetings Toronto visitors!

Sorry we'll be out-of-town when you're here. Marta and George, we'll be at a wedding in Marblehead, MA, this week-end and in Cambridge for the gtg on June 15th. And Charles, you're right that we won't be here when you are; we'll be in Switzerland with our Ziner friends, Cornelia and Fabio, celebrating our birthdays that week-end!

We're sure you'll have no trouble finding plenty of interest here in Toronto. Just get into the ethnic neighborhoods and you'll feel like you've traveled further than to your neighbor next-door.

We manage the Restaurant Guides category for the Zeal Canada search engine (another voluntary endeavor, in case you are wondering).

This link should take you right to a listing of various guides which you may find useful in your mealtime planning:

If for any reason you can't get there directly, this is the path to the page you're seeking: Lifestyle >Food &Wine > Restaurants >Ontario >Toronto >Restaurant Guides

All of us in Toronto will be happy to help with specifics about where to eat, if you give us more info. Not knowing what your food preferences are, nor your price range, etc. it's difficult to know what to suggest.

We have no personal experience with B&B's here, but there are several on this web site: If we recall correctly, Judy from Hong Kong stayed at the Terrace House B&B

Cheers! Don and Linda