Subject: RE: Travel Buying Experiences
Hi Ziners

Another great thread by the way!

Mine isn't so much a specific purchase but an overall comment. I know so many people bag those who travel and shop - or maybe that's travel TO shop. But I find shopping to be a wonderful part of all of my trips. I wander into places and stores I wouldn't normally enter, I mingle with locals, and practise my few words of their language.

Of course I've bought some wonderful things - most recently I bought some Delft at the Royal Delft factory and met some wonderful Aussies and Americans in the process! I bought French painting reproductions from an English woman believe it or not with a little gallery in Roussillon. I bought Venetian masks and a glass necklace from an amazing store in Venice and chatted with the charming Italian lady store keeper. I bought my much-dreamed-of Cuckoo Clock from a very helpful man in St Goar who wasn't satisfied until my cuckoo clock education was complete!

But my funniest purchase? Desperately wanting to buy body moisturiser in Paris after suffering through a week of 30oC+ heat, so I tried to mime that I wanted lotion to some young women in the store on Champs Elysee. (Everything said lait and I knew I was close to finding body milk!) I was shown everything from leg waxing kits to bubble bath before I found what I wanted. Not to mention some wonderful laughs with the locals at my expense!!! :) Megan Brisbane, Australia