Subject: Re: RE:Jetlag
Dear Jet-Laggers, I, too, try as many things as I can to avoid jet-lag. Someone mentioned once before that the main problem is probably lack of sleep. I think that has much to do with it. I can't seem to sleep more than an hour on these long flights. Next Thursday when we depart for Prague I'm going to attempt to sleep when it is nighttime in Prague. That means I'll need to sleep around 5PM EDT (Normally I can't sleep more than an hour on a plane.) I do follow the 4-day Jetlag diet(feast-fast-feast-fast) as best I can, and I think it helps. I haven't found a good choice of meals offered by the airlines that fits the fasting portion of the plan, however. I don't follow it on my return and have a more difficult time adjusting in the days following my return. I'll let you folks know how it goes on my return in July. Regards, Carollyn