Subject: Re: Grand Canyon
JJ- We did this trip about two years ago and the biggest thing I want to suggest is to take a least a day and visit Sedona on the way north. The Red Rock country is incredible. Besides the natural beauty it is a wonderful art colony. Make sure to visit Teloquepoque (sic but pronounced Tel lock key pock key) a a historical mission type compound that has been turned into an artist's compound with shops, artists, restaurants and more.

The Canyon is beyond belief. I am not sure there is anything one-of-a-kind that I can tell you other than just walk up to it and be in awe. It is one of the few sites that seeing it actually took my breath away. You have to sit down and just stare for about an hour.

I also believe that the time of day that you see it for the first time is important. We saw it the first time after we had checked in at the lodge and were out walking. We had no idea that it was so close. and since it goes down and not up, (I know this sounds like it is pretty obvious but you tend to think that you will be able to see it before you are almost in it) it literally sneaks up on you. It was sunset and there were big fluffy clouds in the sky and my bride and I were wondering how far we would have to walk to be able to see into it when we were literally at the edge of it. The effect is astounding.

Make sure to take the time to go up and down the rim for different views. And if you can do it at different times of the day. I would guess we saw at least 30 different canyons as we hiked the rim.

You can take the famous donkey ride down into the Canyon to Phantom Ranch but it takes a person less afraid of heights than I to do that. Either way, make sure you go. It is amazing. And stop in Sedona too!

Jim &Kathleen in Redmond, WA