Subject: Re: Rehoboth Beach
I am thrilled to be able to contribute to this wonderful list!

My husband and I spend many weekends in Rehoboth and in fact we will be there this weekend.

We love: * Cape Henlopen State Park, just a few minutes north of downtown Rehoboth. The park is located on the Atlantic Ocean, near the Delaware Bay. It is wonderful to walk on the beach - along huge sand dunes. It is almost never crowded and it feels as if you have stepped back in time. Last October, we saw a bald eagle soaring above us as we walked along the path to the beach. There is also a Nature Center and they offer nature hikes, etc. It is a large park, with a fishing pier, a tower you can climb for a neat view, camping, trails, and more. This area has an interesting history, especially during WWII when soldiers lived in barracks that are still there, and towers were built to look for German ships and submarines.

* The town of Lewes is charming - lots of Victorian B&B's and a small, quaint downtown area for shopping and browsing. It is within 10 minutes of Cape Henlopen (about 15 mins from Rehoboth) and you could easily explore both areas in a day or so. Also, in Lewes is my favorite, secret beach spot on the Delaware Bay. This beach almost seems private with families who keep kayaks and grills and chairs on the beach sometimes for the entire summer. There are no lifeguards, but the bay waves are small. It is a great beach for younger children. It is a real treat, when the tide goes out and reveals a long sand bar, where kids play and grownups can bring beach chairs and read in the ankle deep water. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to provide directions to this special beach.

* From the Cape Henlopen/Lewes area, you can take the ferry to Cape May for the day. You do not need a car, busses will take you from the Cape May terminal into Cape May. Cape May, New Jersey is known for its Victorian houses. We have not yet been to Cape May - it is on our list!

* Of course, this area of Deleware is known for its outlets. With no sales tax and many well-known stores, it is possible to find some good deals. You will find LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, JCrew, the Gap, Old Navy, Nike, Ann Taylor, Coach, etc. You might be able to outfit your son for college here! Great to keep in mind, especially for a rainy day.

* Bethany Beach is about 15-20 minutes south of Rehoboth. Bethany is a quiet, gentle town with lots of families. The main evening activities are to stroll around after dinner with an ice cream cone and window shop.

* And Rehoboth itself is a delightful beach town. My husband and I do almost the same thing every weekend and we love it! At night, we drive into Rehoboth, passing a very nice previously-owned car dealership. My husband loves to look at the old (and some newer) corvettes, jaguars, bmws, mercedes, etc. Then we go to one of our favorite restaurants. After dinner we walk along main street, heading to the beach and the boardwalk. People from many different backgrounds and lifestyles come to Rehoboth, making it a magical place. People watching is always fun and I like the ski video game at the arcade on the boards. It really feels like you are skiing.

Our top 2 favorite restaurants: The Dogfish Head - a brew pub with a great selection of beers (of course). The menu has a nice variety of items - from delicious unique sandwiches, salads, seafood. My favorite is the warm spinach salad with apples. Live music begins after 9 pm on weekends. Nicolas is a Rehoboth tradition! We love this little place where on a summer's night the wait will be over an hour with a long line of sunburned people talking and hanging out. The atmosphere and service are different - we have discovered the beauty behind the place - but I must admit many of our friends are not as smitten as we are. You will see Mr and Mrs Nicola, the owners, working hard, and the same waitresses are there year after year. Salads are served in styrofoam bowls - but we never eat the salad anyway! We get the same amazing food item each and every time - the Nicoboli - a stromboli type dish made with a deilicious sauce. Yummmm. Rehoboth has many great restaurants. We also like Tiajuana Taxis for Mexican and Planet X for a cool atmosphere. I hope you have a wonderful time! Kathleen Baltimore, Maryland