Subject: Re-introduction of old member &Harbour Cities
Hello, I have been a member of the zine for some time but have mainly been lurking. The reason for this is partly because I forgot my signon. However thanks to Don and Linda I am now fully back on line and would like to introduce myself. My wife and I were both born in the Netherlands and have now lived for all our married life in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Having relatives in Holland (son lives there at the moment) we have made a number of trips there and have taken the opportunity to travel through Germany, Switzerland, France and Great Britain as well. On the journeys back to Perth we have usually broken the trip by staying some nights in Malaysia or Singapore. We find this gives us the chance to get rid of jetlag (both are in the same time zone as Perth) as well as learning a bit about our near neighbours. My wife Dorothy is presently in Holland and on her return journey next week I will fly to Kuala Lumpur so we can spend some time there and in the Cameron Highlands. I will be retiring at the end of this month so hopefully will be able to travel more than in the past. If we come across something I feel inspired to write about I will try to post it here. In the meantime if anyone wants some information about Western Australia feel free to ask.

We were asked about Australian harbour cities. I would like to nominate Sydney, Hobart and Albany. Most people know about the first two but Albany is on the south west of the continent and its inner harbour is beautiful (3 miles by 2 miles surrounded by hills), the surrounding coastline spectacular, and the outer harbour was large and safe enough to shelter the large fleet of ships transporting the ANZACS to Egypt before the Gallipoli campaign in WW1.