Subject: Which Irish airport
Hello folks,

Can anyone give me the pros and cons of landing at Shannon or Dublin on a trip to Ireland from Canada? Either way we would be visiting both Limerick and Dublin, so that doesn't matter. I'm just thinking of ease of navigating the airport, going through customs getting into the city, and renting a car.

Do the flights that stop at Shannon go on to Dublin, and then come from Dublin and pick you up at Shannon on the way back home? Or do you land in Dublin going or coming, before getting off in Shannon?

Any suggestions about car rental companies in Ireland? From previous posts I see that Europcar and Auto Europe are highly recommended. It looks as if Europcar only rents cars at Shannon airport, but in Dublin they also have a site in the city centre. Some people have said that you get a better deal renting away from the airport, I thought Dublin might be better. I couldn't find information at the Auto Europe website about their office locations. Any information would be appreciated.

Best regards, Nancy