Subject: Malaysia and Sydney
Dear Sandy and Roger,

Probably, you can get well informed through our friends from down under. I recommend you to take the sightseeing bus where you can get off anytime you want and you can visit the most interesting places in Sydney: Paddington, Elizabeth´s house...

Walking is the best way for visiting the inner city (Victoria building, darling harbour to the central station (small one and very clean..any comparison with our European Railway Stations).

If you stay more three days, try a 4WD to the Blue Mountains (seven years we did it with my husband and we really enjoyed it) Every hotel in Sydney can offer this kind of tour; otherwise if you want to taste some Australian Wines, take a tour to the Hunter Valley and you can visit different wineries. Don´t forget to take a ferry and go to Manly, that´s the best way to discover Sydney´s bay. the most beautiful in the world for me.Have a good stay there.

Concerning your stay in Malaysia, my husband and I spent a few days there 13 years ago and the weather in Kuala Lumpur is very hot and humid. You can take some walks and probably the town has changed. Take a walk to the central station ...I like to travel by train ...but it´s worth seeing it. Now you have the biggest towers in the world: I recommend a tour to Malacca and if you want to breathe fresh air, a two-day tour to Cameron Hughlands in the North. I don´t remember the hotel where we stayed. The vegetation is luxurious but be aware of green snakes which are very dangerous and they love the tea plantations (if you have time take a tour to the tea plantation...we took a ride with a taxi and it was relatively cheap for the full day but you must enquire to a travel agency in your hotel).

Here are my recommendations and have a good trip round the world.


Pierrette Dresden, Germany