Subject: Re: Local cash in Prague
Hi Carollyn,

If I remember correctly, you are going to be in Prague for several weeks. I do not see the advantage of getting all the local currency you will need at once. A stuffed money belt is uncomfortable and, for the small amount you have to pay in service charges, my advice would be to plan on making withdrawals about once a week. You do not want to be left with unspent Czech currency which, if you can exchange it all, will cost you dearly in the poor exchange you get for it. It's definitely a good idea to minimize your ready cash. Keep the rest and all your valuables under your clothing in the money belt. Do not exchange money on the street, even if you are offered rates that are tempting. You might be duped into buying worthless currency. ATM machines are well-located and easy to use. Have a great time.

Cheers! Linda