Subject: Harbour cities and towns
Hi, until now, most of the places mentioned in this thread are big harbours, big cities ... IŽd like to mention some small fishing villages (well, some of them are not so small). They also deserve a place, I think.

Beginning with my own country : - Bermeo and Elantxobe ( and ) in the Basque Country. - San Vicente de la Barquera ( ) in Cantabria. - Cudillero ( ) in Asturias. - Cedeira ( ), any of the small ports in Rias Baixas ( Vigo ), Malpica in the Death Coast ( ). All of this in Galicia.

And then, just from the top of my head :

- Concarneau, Saint-Malo, Douarnenez ( and ) in Bretagne. - Andalsnes in Norway ( ). - Kinsale and Crosshaven in Co. Cork (Ireland) ( ). - Flensburg and the villages in Lake Constance (Bodensee) in Germany. - Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia. - Any port at any greek island.

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao