Subject: Re: Local cash in Prague
Hi Jude - and Carollyn,

Regarding cash advances from your credit card, we don't feel that's the best use of ATM machines. Using your ATM (debit-type) card to withdraw directly from your own resources (i.e., your checking account, with a pre-planned balance* to accommodate your needs) is the most economical method. The exchange rate is the best when you consider any other method, as far as we know. And no interest is charged because it's your own money. If anyone has information to the contrary, we'd appreciate hearing it.

Make sure that your *pre-planned balance is in the account that is linked to your ATM card (normally it is only the checking account that is linked). Check that your card is working properly before you leave home.

Another tip is to advise your credit card company and your bank in advance of your trip. If credit card charges and/or withdrawals start appearing from distant places, they have been known to put stops on accounts to avoid fraud.

Regards, Linda and Don