Subject: RE: Local cash in Prague
Hello, all:

I second Linda's comments: use your debit-type card for the best ATM transaction. The cash advance on credit card works as back-up, tho.

Also, the tip about advising your credit card company to expect some overseas charges is very good advice if you're going to use your card for some larger expenses. Just before I left for Italy in mid-May, I had used my visa for some big computer purchases for the office &I was afraid that, combined with some charges from Italy, the amounts would trigger a hold on my account. So I called the customer service line, explained the situation &the notation on the account was easily done. In fact, when the computer purchases were posted, I just did a direct debit, over the phone, from my checking to credit the visa acct, the night before I left. It was so simple! Of course, my plan is never to need to charge anything on the visa other than a meal or two, but it's a good safety net.

And are the Euros ever easy! I am amazed at how completely Italy has converted. To try such a conversion in the US would bring immediate &sustained chaos! Even washing machines at campgrounds in Italy are all primed to accept the new coins.

Gail In Eugene but never for long