Subject: RE: Travelling Alone Senior &Family Reunion

Continental's 2 flights between Ontario & Houston are just a little over 3 hours, & on both of them, a meal service is offered. If you order a special meal for your SIL, at least someone will have to notice her in order to deliver the special meal to her! That sometimes eases travel worries: just to have someone notice you. Veggie, lowfat &low sodium are some special meal examples.

I think Ontario is user-friendly, at least compared to LAX or even John Wayne. Just be sure she doesn't have anything in her purse or carryon that would trigger a search, such as scissors, nailfile or needles. She still might be chosen for a random search. The search process is a bit intimidating. Just allow lots of time at Ontario (1.5-2 hours before flight!), even tho she may sit for an hour or so after having cleared security. I'd choose the noonish departure over the 7am for her, unless her home is far from the airport & driving the freeways at 430am would be easier.

Gail In Eugene