Subject: Mevagissey &Creed, Cornwall
Hi Debbie, I don't have a hotel for you because we stayed in a lovely B&B in Cornwall a few years ago, in the centre of Cornwall, half way between Truro and St Austell, but will give you the details of the B&B, in case they are of interest to you or anyone else in the neighbourhood. Creed House is an old Georgian rectory, set in grounds that are part of Cornwall's garden scheme, and in a tiny settlement that comprises - from memory - Creed House, Creed Church, Creed Farm and Creed Cottage! Mrs Croggon rented just a few rooms and, in fact, we were the sole occupants of the Rectory for one night as the hosts had to go off to a family event (sorted out with us in advance, so that was not a problem). We located Creed House from Off the Beaten Track which we had always found reliable for B&Bs in the UK but haven't used recently, so I don't know if it is still to be recommended. Guests are given the run of the house, with the main drawing room, complete with roaring open fire, available for drinks or supper, if you wanted to bring in some food, in the evening. Breakfast in a lovely dining room - and our room was spacious and with a splendid view over the gardens (although, as I think about it, the bathroom may have been down the hall, albeit solely for our use, I think.) In the early, early hours of Easter morning, we were treated to a full moon illuminating the SNOW covered gardens outside our window - not something we had expected at Easter. Mind you, a few days later, our car was being dragged out of a snow drift in Wales by half a dozen locals! The next day, we were snowed in to our Welsh accommodation for several hours. You can catch a glimpse of the Creed House Gardens - although not doing them justice - at: Happy planning, Joan Melbourne, Australia