Subject: New Member in Virginia Beach
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Joe!

Greetings! My name is Joe Perry and I am a business traveller. I have been know to go on vacation from time to time and/or combine both business and vacation. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and frequently travel to Connecticut and Florida for business; and Washington DC and the other banks for a short get-away. I am interesting in joining this site because (1) My travel itinerary is going to drastically increase in the next month to include Pearl Harbor and Rome. (2) I can't get personal advise from the big websites and I am now leary of any site for business travellers (I do not seek escorts). (3) I like to pass on the information I find (with a touch of humor) in a friendly atmosphere and both types of site listed in #2 usually are not or entirely too friendly. Finally, (4) I have an extensive and interesting travel past that can be summed up thus; US Navy Retired, 21 years. This has prepared me for economical travel and drives my selections for business travel. I no longer operate under the Joe's Econo-Tours plan (aka join the Navy see the world plan) and fully utilize the corporate travel upgrade-or-else-I-won't-go plan. I can provide a list of cities visited; but, I am sure you will get the general idea of most ports in the North Atlantic, Med., Persian Gulf, and eastern US. Sincerely, Joe Perry