Subject: open jaw itineraries...impossible??
Hi fellow 'ziners...can u please help me out of a quandry?? I plan to visit Europe late June or early July. To date, I don't have a fixed travel agenda. I would just like to Eurail/vagabond around and fly back home from wherever my interests happen to place me aound Aug 27. However, every travel agent I speak to informs me that you have to have a depart/return ticket. For instance, I can fly into London(city A) and return home via Rome(CITY B), but I can't simply fly one way into London with no specific return date. I'm quite confused here. ONE AGENT SAYS IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE POST 9-11 PARANOIA. I think it has something to do with the agent's commission. Why can't I simply walk into a travel agent in city B a few days before my departure date and simply buy a ticket? I hope this message makes sense. Please, any suggestions/info would be greatly appreciated1 Sincerely, Ed in Chicago