Subject: Re: open jaw itineraries...impossible??
Hi Ed,

It seems that your problem is not really about 'open jaw', which is flying into one place and out of another, but that you want to go there without a return ticket in your hand when you arrive, right?

If this is correct, then I believe this could be a visitors visa issue. Tourists from most countries are allowed to stay up to 3 months without a visa. Longer than that and you need some sort of visa. So, as I understand it, immigration requires that you prove you will be leaving by showing a ticket out of the country when you arrive.

I'd like to throw this out as a work-around and see what everyones opinion is. Could Ed possibly buy a one-way to somewhere within the EU and at the same time buy a super-duper cheap (because he'd never use it) one way to the UK? It seems that would satisfy the EU entry requirements.

Michele Oakland, CA