Subject: We are back!
Hi everyone,

Does 6 weeks go fast or what? We had a good drive down and back from Spain. Linda, a little tip when Don is driving, just say I am not worrying about your driving, it's the other idiots on the road!! It saves a lot of arguments, LOL. (Must remember to delete this from the outbox before Geoff reads it).

The weather was OK for 1st week, dreadful 2nd week and very nice thereafter.

Other than meeting up with friends we have made over the years nothing special to report, other than one restaurant we visit often (18 times this holiday), what a lovely family, they look after us so well, too well, I dread to think how many kilos we have put on.

We made the journey to Gandesa find out more about the Spanish civil war but unfortunately the museum was closed that day, tough luck or what? Anyway I enjoyed my ice cold beer and Geoff enjoyed his cafe solo (Geoff was driving).

Keep safe Linda &Geoff Wales