Subject: Re: open jaw itineraries...impossible??
Hi Ed,

I am a travel agent part-time &my 1st inclination was to say that it's cheaper (oops, we're supposed to say less expensive) to get a roundtrip ticket with an open jaw. Even if you change the return date the penalty is usually only $150, sometimes $200. I checked with Delta &the reservationist said she thought it was ok to get a one way only but to check withe British Consulate, phone in DC is 202-588-6500. Buying a one way ticket to come back once you're in Europe should not be a problem.

Another idea to consider is to buy roundtrip, Chicago-London. The inter-Europe fares to/from London are usually really cheap.

Maybe the agent was only conjecturing that it had to do with post-911. Some counries have never allowed you to enter with only a one way. They want to know that you have an on-going ticket of some kind. Also I don't think commission is the culprit. Selling you a high priced one way ticket that the travel agent got from a consolidator would probably give that agent as much commission as a cheaper one way.

Good luck. Any other questions, I'll try to answer. Gail Norris, on the list, owns a travel agency, I think, &she can usually explain the quirks of air travel better than I can. Maybe she'll jump in here.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR high desert country