Subject: Luggage protectors - Cynthia?
Hi Cynthia, Just did a search on the archives to see if anyone had posted any information on luggage protectors, which I have been trying - unsuccessfully - to find for some time. Found your question and an exchange of messages with Linda, but no positive response. You were talking of heavy duty plastic covers that slip over suitcases, leaving holes for the handles. I've seen them also in heavy duty fabric - but haven't found them for sale as individual items. (I did find one somewhere in Italy once - but it came with suitcase as an added extra, at a cost somewhere around $1000 - or a zillion or so LIT?. Not quite what I was looking for.) Wondering if you had any success in your search - or if, in the meantime, any other members have found such an item? Cheers, Joan Melbourne, Australia