Subject: re: Toronto restaurants
An off the beaten track place that I thoroughly enjoy is called Mildred Pierce. It's on 99 Sudbury Street, phone (416) 588-5695. It offers food that is diverse enough to please anyone, including children. (One dish is green eggs and ham!) There's a sense of fun about the place, and a pleasant outdoor patio. There's also a good wine list and a knowledgeable sommelier. It's *exactly* the kind of place that you would NOT find if you didn't know the city, and were only visiting for a short period of time!

Earlier this week I was in Windsor, Ontario. I made a rather long drive from my home and returned the same day in order to catch up with an old friend who was in Detroit on business. We met for dinner at Il Gabbiano(sp?)(Italian for seagull) on Erie Street. It was wonderful and I recommend it highly. My only difficulty was that I had to pull into a rest stop on the way home to sleep for about 45 minutes! A combination of factors was involved, but primarily my disbelief in no longer being 25, my having worked since very early in the day, and finally my having eaten some marvellous,(and rich)food rather late in the evening.

An amusing anecdote about my friend's brief visit to Canada was that his work acquaintances in Detroit smiled knowingly and teased him about crossing the river. Apparently in their circle Windsor enjoys a risque reputation for strip clubs and massage parlours! I'm afraid that I can't shed any light on the veracity of their claims!

Al..from London, Ontario