Subject: Re: Rome hotel
Hi Sherry- Copied below is my response to another Ziner about Residenza San Pantaleo. Anne in VA

>I'm curious about your
> recommendation 'not in summer'. Is it the
> noise or crowds, the a/c?

It is the A/C - they say that A/C is available for a fee. We chose not to pay the extra, but it was so hot that we later considered taking advantage of it. But anytime a guest used the A/C, it knocked out the electricity for the entire hotel. This happened many times in the few days we were there. We couldn't get a cross-draft in our room, and it was so hot that no refreshing rest or sleep was possible. On the plus side - no noise, no crowds, great location, as you know. Another thing that colored our impression of the place was that the manager forgot to return our passports to us after taking them when we checked in. We didn't realize it til we were on the other side of town picking up a car to drive out of town after staying there several days. The residence was not at all helpful, which I thought they should have been since it was their fault. I don't think they even apologized. We had to get a taxi back to the hotel to get the passports, then return to the rental agency- a supreme and time consuming hassle in Rome traffic. Remembering all this makes me think I would NOT stay there again! I hope your stay will be wonderful, though, and that ours was not truly representative of the place.