Subject: Pom Poms
Here's one of my favorite suggestions for your luggage. We travel with a group and we all have the same color pompom tied to the handle of our bags - all our bags. It helps you or someone in your group to spot a forgotten carry on when the group moves. Of course not many people are going to try to carry your decorated bag out of the airport.

Two weeks ago we took a cruise - just we two - we have matching black carry-ons on wheels. I wanted to check mine, my husband wanted to keep his with him. BUT the bags got mixed up and we didn't realize it until we got to the Big Counter to present our docs, and ooops, the wrong bag had been checked - the one with our cruise documents. We ran like crazy back to the street and the kid who checked our bags, but all those bags were gone. We went into the warehouse area to try to spot it in the dozens of big carts, but all of the suitcases were black. It was impossible ! But within 3 minutes I saw that bright pom pom poking out from under all those black bags. They've come in handy on so many trips.