Subject: Tuscany Bound
I am bound for Tuscany in Oct. I have a car rented to pick up in the Florence Airport We are going to Florence via Train from Rome. So we will need to get to the Airport for Van pick up. I think driving in Florence would be difficult.. We are staying in a farm house near Poggibonsi.. Not really sure about it but it met our needs for location and price.

There are 7 of us and none of us speak Italian one speaks Spanish and French (some) but a little concerned about reading the signs.. I have driven in France and the UK but not Italian. We think we would like to have a cooking lesson but would like help locating one that is not really expensive and that the cook could speak a little English.

Any suggestions??

What is a must to see in the area we will be there 7 nights.

Also any suggestions for hotels in Rome centrally located that are favorites to anyone out there?? Thank you so much. Georgette