Subject: New Member in Ontario
Forwarded by Moderator- Welcome Luca (?).

Dear Owners of the Travelzine: I am a middle-aged female, married, and live in southern Ontario. My first real trip to Europe was two years ago to the Greek Isles. While doing research on the internet for the trip I came across your Travelzine site and found it very useful and enjoyable. My previous travel experiences include Barbados,Dominican Republic,Mexico,Venezuela,Turks and Caicos,an Alaskan cruise and most recently Spain and Germany. I am interested in all types of travel ie: off the beaten path and the typical tourist traps and have recently developed a keen interest in European travel.

I am intested in joining your group in order to assist in my internet research and need a new perspective differing from the snide remarks ,sarcasm and snobbish attitude often found on the Fodors website.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, eurotripper2000@y...