Subject: New Member in Toronto
Forwarded by Moderator. Welcome Phil.

Hi my name is Phil Ustaszewski, I am a 22 year old business student living in Toronto Ontario. Having been born in Poland and having had the opportunity to travel to Europe on several occasions as a youngster, and having had the incredible privilege of backpacking last summer across Europe for two months I am now just trying to pay back my debt and leave again as soon as possible on my next adventure.

Since I am a student and I am up to my neck in debt my travels are few and far between, but I ran across your website b/c I usually wip around the interent once in a while looking for any cheap filght or any possible modes of transportation to take me anywhere. I am simply itching to go back to europe and to see and do more. As mentioned above I have been to europe several times as a youngster, I have been through the states countless times, I drove across canada with my uncle in his 18-wheeler, i've been to the carribean and I backpacked last summer for two months with my girlfriend across europe spain italy greece france swiss poland germany netherlands uk (im probably missing some).

I can't claim to be the worlds most travelled person, although I wish I could, I am but a lowly student trying to get a degree make some money and spend it all somewhere else. I hope to in the near future live and work abroad, we'll see how that turns out. thanks.

phillip ustaszewski