Subject: Re: Tuscany Bound
Are you able to pick up the car in downtown Florence? We took the train from Venice last year and then picked up an AutoEurope car in central Florence, and it could not have been more simple to get out of there and on the road to Poggibonsi/San Gimigniano. It was basically a left turn, a left turn, a right turn and you were out of Florence.

Also, as already has been suggested, cost-wise it is probably less expensive to just get the car in Rome and drive. It is beautiful and the Autostradas are efficient. If you wanted to meander, you could take the side roads and really be stunned by the charm.

We have a similar dilemma for October. We will be getting of a canal cruise in France and then want to get to Beaune. Although the drive by car will take longer than the train, once we get to Beaune we need/want a car, so to save the money and enjoy the scenery, we are getting the car in Bezziers (sp?) and driving up to Beaune.

Have a wonderful time, and try to see a walled city after the tourists have gone home. Poggiobonsi is very close to San Gimigniano, and you could easily have dinner there and see it when it's nice and quiet.