Subject: Tasmanian accommodation
Hello Elma, Sorry that I missed your original post, through problems with Yahoo, but picked it up through Jonathan's response. There are lots of B&Bs in Tasmania, if you are interested in that form of accommodation. Not sure where your Tasmanian travels will take you or how long you will be there but Jonathan posted a great overview (message 20681 in the archives) on 16 April, in addition to his more recent post, so don't miss that. Also, in April, I discovered a gorgeous country house B&B in Deloraine. (See message 20615 on 13 April.) The hosts are a French couple, Remi and Ginette Bacal, and they have created a very stylish and warmly welcoming haven, in a beautiful 1850s house and stables in the open countryside outside Deloraine, which is in the northern part of the isle of Tasmania, should you happen to be in that part of the world. Nothing is too far away from anywhere else by the time you get to that part of Australia - relatively speaking anyway. Webpage for the B&B is as follows, and prices are in Oz dollars, so divide by about three (you lucky things!) approximately for an indication of the UK pounds equivalent. Happy travelling, Joan Melbourne, Australia