Subject: Redwoods: was Collecting Places
Hi Amelia,

I love the collection of redwood sites idea. There is nothing like being in the presence of these most magnificent of living things. It seems that I can stand at the foot of one of these incredible trees and gawk for hours. I've heard of standing in a grove of redwoods as being comparable to the feeling one has upon visiting the great cathedrals of Europe. I have to agree with this. One experiences the same feelings of being so inconsequntial in comparison and, at the same time, being able to share in the grandeur of their being. Truly an inspiring place to have the pleasure of visiting.

Now for some note comparisons. Have you been to the Nelder Grove outside Oakhurst near the southern entrance to Yosemite? An impressive stand of sequoias which are somewhat off the beaten track. Amongst them is the Bull Buck tree, a giant even among these giants. A couple of summers back we hiked in to visit him and were fortunate to have his company all to ourselves for a couple of hours. See the following websites for info about Nelder Grove:

And another (closer) location for some nice hiking amongst sequoia groves is at Mountain Home State Forest east of Porterville. We hiked out to visit Methuselah while we were here. Here's some info about it:

And a list of the largest trees can be found at:

Great topic. makes me want to go camping.

John in San Diego where we have Torrey Pines but no redwoods.