Subject: Gaeta Hotel
Hi JP !....( I for one enjoy communications a little more personalized....)

anyway JP, I haven't been in Gaeta but I can provide you the information in the Gambero Rosso which most of time is pretty accurate:

The Serapo has three stars, and one key that stands for :Comfort, the description reads: Hotel with an ample terrace and rooms with ocean view..Tennis, palestra, and billiards.

GR gives better qualifications to Le Rocce, four stars, only one key too, but one heart for charming hotel, email;lerocce@l...;

the best hotel in Gaeta according to Gambero Rosso seems to be Villa Irlanda with four stars, two keys for : Good Confort... However although it has two pools it doesn' t say that is in front of the sea. email: villairlanda@v...

Hope this helps. Graziella, Miami Beach.