Subject: Re: Which Irish airport
Hi Nancy,

Just got back from Ireland last night, so sorry for the delay in responsing to your posting. I flew on Delta to Shannon and out of Dublin. They also offer the reverse, which I think might be the better way to go as the departure out of Sannon might be easier since the airport is not as congested. Rented car from Dan Dooley which is an Irish owned rental agency and have used them before as well. I have found them to be much less expensive than the others. I booked online and then contacted me to tell me if I paid for the car 30 days prior to departure they would give me a discount. The sayings for 12 days was nearly $100, so took full advantage of it. What they did was gave me the rate of the level of car below which I wanted and then upgraded for free to the next level.

Don't know how many people are traveling with you, but PLEASE keep in mind that the roads in Ireland are very narrow and I strongly suggest to get as small a 4-door car that you can manage. There were 3 of us and we had two pieces of luggage each. One carryon size (which we checked) and then a duffle bag or backpack. We still had plenty of room as we added our extra bag, which was packed in our suitcase, for all the goodies be bought. We rented a Compact B which was a Hyundi Accent I believe.

Hope this information is helpful. If I can be of further assistance, feel free to let me know.

Debbie in NC

PS Don't forget to pack your raingear and cuddle duds!