Subject: Gaeta Hotel
Hi JP!

> Does anyone have any info on the Hotel Serapo in Gaeta?

Well, Paolo already told you about the hotel. I just wanted to add a few things about Gaeta. The town is very pretty, on a little promontory on the beach. Both sides have a sandy beach, and Serapo is the name of the most popular one. Be sure to walk around the old town. You might want to go also to the spiaggia dei 300 scalini... this is by far the nicest beach in the area, on the way to Sperlonga. You can drive there or take a bus (check out the schedule, there are just a few buses). As the name says, there are about 300 steps to get from the street to the beach, but if you drive you can get half way by car. There are a couple of entries where you are asked to pay and you can rent sundecks and umbrellas (Aenea's Landing is very exclusive and Papardō more affordable), and a couple of free entries (but without car entry). Also Sperlonga is an extremely pretty town, and you should check it out!

Hope this helps. Ciao Flavio in Rome, but often to the mentioned beaches!