Subject: Re: Vienna travel season
Hi Joan, I donīt know about the peak rates from the States to Vienna, but if you can, move a bit your visits. My first one would be at the very end of November, beginning of December. You will find Christmas markets and a brilliant ambiance. I really enjoy that time of the year there. The second one, in February, is during the Ball season. Going to a viennese ball is a great experience, and something to be done if you can, but apart of that, the weather is drab, grey, cold ... The ski season doesnīt affect Vienna as much as it does the Tirol or Salzburg. If you can, I would also move it further to end of March, April, maybe even beginning of May. The flowers are blooming, the cafes put their tables in the streets ... Itīs a completely different experience to the one in winter.

Rgds, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)