Subject: RE: Collecting Places

I, too, collect sacred or spiritual sites & managed to add a few more to my list this time in Italy.

--Camaldoli, founding site for the Benedictine order --La Verna, retreat site for St Francis (you should see the grotto where he slept! Yikes!) --Carcera, where St Francis received the Stigmata --the little Abetone, high above Carcera, a tiny chapel where St Francis would go for contemplation --the Supraminerva in Assisi, built upon the ruins of an ancient goddess worship site --Spello, where 22 churches (the town had a population of 2000 when they were built) are dedicated to the Virgin &probably are built upon goddess sites --Sta M degli Angeli, where St Francis' original little chapel has been absolutely overwhelmed with the huge cathedral --the night chapels deep under the Ospedale in Siena

This thread has encouraged me to think about how visiting sacred places has indeed been a recurring theme in my travels &I wasn't really aware of it!

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