Subject: NON-Digital cameras: anybody using old fashioned equipment?
Hi Ziners,

thanks to all of you who contributed to the recent discussion on digital cameras. It was very useful for me because I am considering the purchase of such a thing. And I don't want to open this discussion again.

BUT what I'd like to know: is there still anybody out there using old fashioned equipment like 60 mm film or even field-cameras with 4x5 or even 8x10 inch film plates?

My perfect travel camera for ten years is a Mamiya 645 loaded with 60mm Fujichrome Velvia slide film, a wide angle lense (35 or 50 mm, equivalent to a 24 or 35 mm lense with 35mm film) and a hand-winder. The 50mm is a shift-lense (not a zoom) and permits correction of the perspective when you are taking pictures of a high building. This equipment still fits into a not too large camera bag. It is always a struggle to get enough light and short enough exposure time because of the 50 ASA only of the film. In the morning I have to decide which lense to take with me during the day. One film has 15 exposures only. Changing films takes a few minutes. If there was a CCD device to be used instead of the film magazine I would probably use it instead of the film. Good optics and fine grain of the film reveal more detail than necessary and visible when projecting to a 1.5x2 meter size. You would have to look at the projection screen from as close as 0.5 meters to detect every detail. I know that this is superfluous, but I like the idea to take as much reality as possible with me from the places I visit.

Best Regards, Johannes Haltern am See, Germany