Subject: Collecting...Islands
We, too, collect islands. One super trip Bill and I took was our three-month British journey, which we dubbed Highlands and Islands. Starting in the spring in the Channel Islands, we moved north, eventually getting to the Shetland Islands---we were actually on 53 islands of England and Scotland, using methods of transportation varying from plane, to ferry, to fishing boats, to school-bus boats, to rafts and canoes, to wading across shallow water....a wonderful time!! Our favorites: tiny Herm in the Channel Islands, little Bryher in the Scilly Islands, the now-uninhabited Mingulay, off Barra, and delightfully remote Papa Stour in the Shetlands. Missed Foula and Fair Isle due to transportation scheduling problems, so must return there. A great way to see the Hebrides is with the MacBrayne ferries Rover Pass---we bought one for two weeks that allowed the two of us and our rented car to wander at will. Living in Maryland, we continue our love for islands, with stays on Tilghman Island (just ate great crab, bluefish, and oysters there last week, with an island celebration of my birthday), Deal Island, Kent Island, Smith Island, Solomons Island. When we go to my home state, Michigan, of course we visit Mackinac Island, Beaver Island, Manitou Island, etc. We also collect lighthouses along the way, as I am sure many Ziners do. Our favorite lighthouses are the two in Michigan which are b&b's -- Big Bay and Sand Hills, both on the lovely (and fairly untouristy) Lake Superior. Love to hear about other's Island Adventures. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore