Subject: Old Cameras
Yes, Johannes, some of do still use old cameras. The digital machines are fascinating; but the best of them still can only resolve about 6 mega-pixels, while ordinary film can resolve at least 20. No doubt which takes the best pictures.

Old cameras? I just ran a roll through my Leica IIIC, which works like a new camera. I also use a Contax IIIA (both of these from the Fifties), and get amazing results. I also still use a 4x5, and my all-time favorite is my old Kodak Medalist II, still one of the best cameras I have ever used.

I'm not stuck in the past entirely, though. My present favorite travel camera is my Canon EOS3, and I do find it a joy to work with. I, too, will probably sneak into digital one of these days, but I'm in hurry.

Cheers, Bill in Baltimore