Subject: Tuscany Bound
Georgette: Depending on what kind of traffic you're used to, driving in Florence isn't all that bad, but it certainly isn't anyone's first choice!

I've picked up cars both downtown near the rail station &at the airport. I prefer the airport location, but that's just me. All the one-way streets near the rail station are frustrating. Picking up the car at the downtown location was heaps easier than dropping it off, tho!

Signage is absolutely no problem. Blue signs clearly send you to the airport or to roads out of the city. Car rental outfits have good maps of the Florence area, once you get to their location, that is!

Once you get your vehicle, you'll enjoy using Poggibonsi as a base; it's convenient. Maybe a guide, like the Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbria, is a good place to begin choosing your activities.

Colle de Val d'Elsa. Yummy. Orgia. Fun. Torri (open Mon &Fri morns only). Sweet San Galgano. Awesome. di Medici villas, near Florence. Wow.

Oh, the list is too long! Check out Felice's recommendations in the archives...she had great ideas! (Help, sweet moderator...don't have time to look up the proper path for that email of Felice's!)

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October is a great time to be there: fewer crowds, tailend of the crush, nice light.

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