Subject: Travelling students/your children
Hi Ziners with children going abroad to study/travel: I guess our best advice, having, as parents, survived our son spending four different terms (Italy, England, China, and England again) studying and travelling away while he was in college (yes, and did get credit for all and graduated in the requisite 4 years), is that the kids DO manage and are amazingly resourceful. Our son chose to ignore most of the research we did and suggestions we gave him (did not ignore the money we gave him!); yet he had the most amazing experiences, matured immensely, learned an incredible amount, and had a fine time---sort of winging it and learning by experience---and not spending a lot of money, since he was definitely on a budget. So I guess what we are trying to say, is be helpful, but don't be surprised if your children simply do it their way and trust that most of them will have the experience our son did and you and they will be happy with the experiences. Our son, now 35 and a solid citizen with job, mortgage, wife, family, still talks about his experiences and remembers them with such fondness and so do we. Best wishes, Pat and Bill in Baltimore