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Hi Barb and fellow Ziners:

While I have not used, I do have to tell about an airfare I got on Wednesday.

I got it from, and it was over half off.

I punched in the dates I needed from San Francisco to Paris and back, and it came back with a number of choices, the best of which was Major U.S. Airline. You do not know who it is, though, until you book. That fare was $502, nonstop leaving and arriving at perfect times for us.

I then thought, well, maybe I'll see how inexpensively I can get a fare on United here, because that way we get miles. Through the same site with the same dates, only specifying I wanted United, I was quoted $1,004 per person. Here's the catch, though. It was nonstop from San Francisco to Paris at the EXACT same time as the Major U.S. Airline flight I had just found.

Taking a chance, I went for the Major U.S. Airline and I got - you guessed it - the United flight. It even asked for my frequent flier mile number, so I'm going to check and see if I may actually get miles, and possibly can get an upgrade.

Just FYI, I checked the United site, and the same flight was $1108 per person.

Not an advertisement in any way, but I was so proud of myself . My husband had said absolutely not to this trip because it was not in the plans or budget, but when I told him how inexpensively we could get there, he gave right in!