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Good evening to you all,

By way of introduction, my name is Art Lehmann and my wife is Joan. I am, by trade, a bartender. Joan is a fiber artist, and the singular person responsible for my interest in travel. Since meeting her just ten years ago, my passport features stamps from 20 countries, mostly in Europe. I have been bitten by the travel bug, and it seems that the only cure is more travel!

How much travel? Well, in November of 2001, we chartered a sailboat in the BVI for a couple of weeks and poked around the beautiful islands. In February of 2002, I surprised her with an unexpected week in Paris (our third French connection in as many years). In April of 2002, we journeyed to Greece, explored the mainland, and rented a small villa on Paros for a week.

Why do we love travel? Probably first and foremost, THE FOOD! We have returned each time with new recipes, and a hunger for more. But, man cannot live on food alone (OK, maybe on chocolate!). We both enjoy poking through small villages, out of the way shops, and lesser known museums, the Monet museum in Paris comes to mind. We seem to find ourselves climbing a lot. We tramp up every church campanile or tower we encounter. Our credo is Europe is all uphill!

I hope this is enough and the right sort of thing for you. We have enjoyed the travelogues available from Don and Linda, and would love to share and absorb the information from you thousand plus members. Thanks for your consideration, and we look forward to becoming Ziners.

Art and Joan