Subject: Re: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Hi Peter &Carol,

For many years subscribed to a monthly newsletter called Gemutlichkeit (, which bills itself as The Travel Letter for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the New Europe. Ironically, I've only made one trip to that part of the world but I've continued to subscribe because I enjoy the no-nonsense way the newsletter is written (and I guess I'm a vicarious travel junkie.)

They have a searchable database of all of their past issues, as well as a hotel database. I've gotten very good deals on car rentals from them all over Europe, not just the countries they write about. In their earlier issues they also have driving tour suggestions.

I have no connection to them other than as a subscriber. Check out their website - you may find that for the price of a year's subscription (about $45) the amount of information you get is worth it.

Al Sonoma, CA, USA