Subject: Colorado is not on fire (only a very small part of it)
Hi Ziners,

Just wanted to let people know that most of the state is doing just fine. We just had two wonderful days around 80 degrees. They say the rest of the week will be closer to 90, but in the mountains, it's usually l0 degrees cooler. And, it cools off to about 65-70 degrees at night.

Gov. Owens exaggerated what was going on a week ago, and some media picked it up.

The big Hayman fire is 47% contained, and is about 30 miles south of Denver, and is no longer moving toward it.

Don't cancel or delay your plans to come to Colorado. yes, we must watch our matches and water usage, but it's not something an ordinary person can't do easily.

I have writing and wellness retreats near the Rocky Mt. National Park, and not one student has cancelled because of the fire. And, when they arrive, they say, they don't see any traces of the fire/smoke.

Some white water rafting and fishing is down. But I've just scheduled three trips, and the guides who are out there every day tell me that they have no problem finding good water to fish.

I've even scheduled some honeymoons for later this summer and fall -- now that's wishful thinking, huh? These people trust that everything will be alright!

My yard has green grass almost waist high, and all my perienials are blooming. Yes, there's trees with dead limbs, but it's the Great Outdoors. Mother Nature is not perfect.

So, please do come out and visit us. Please feel free to write me if you have questions; and in particular my area -- the Rocky Mt. National Park. (It still gets cool enough at night for me to pull up a blanket!)

Kathleen Spring Rocky Mt. Retreats