Subject: Re: CDG Airport - Air in, train out?
Hi Ziners,

All I can say is that I took the speedy train to Lyon, and had a fablous time. It was so scenic, with neat museums. But don't forget everything closes at lunch time. I stopped in Dijon too (sorry if that's not spelled right) and it was like out of a picture book.

The train was very fast, but you didn't feel it inside. (comfortable)

It's been a few years (maybe 1992) so I don't remember the details of getting the train. It seems to me that I just bought a ticket at a travel agent in Paris.

Actually I wanted to get a car OUT OF PARIS. So I rented one in Lyon or Dijon. and then travelled to the Mediterrain. (yikes, my spelling is bad today!) good idea, huh?

good luck. Kathleen