Subject: Re: Germany, Austria and (not, sorry) Switzerland
Hi Peter and Carol,

You will certainly find a lot of first hand information here in the group. Did you recently try the Search function for the message archive? Just enter your search words and click search! Yahoo will not display all the results the first time. So please don't forget to hit the Next Link to get more search results! We have so many messages in the group that Yahoo sometimes displays messages of the last four weeks only. However, there are many more useful messages which you will find only by hitting Next!

Well, I performed a search for you (excluding Switzerland, sorry) and I paste some of the links into this mail; hope you will find them useful. Otherwise do your own search. And don't forget to visit Don and Linda's site with several travelogues at

Messages from the group archive for you might be: (Hope I didn't mistake any numbers...)

Best Regards, Johannes, Haltern am See, Germany